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Some Secrets of How To Increase Your YouTube Views

youtube video transcript

Some Secrets of How To Increase Your YouTube Views

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Have you become desperate thinking as to how to increase your views on your YouTube video? Are you already doing everything in your possible way to attract viewers? Or you still need some great advice on how to increase your YouTube views? Perhaps you need to put more effort in letting viewers stop by your channel and allowing them to click those like buttons in your video. Here is a video below that will show you some secret tricks on how you can gain some views on your YouTube video.

Those videos that have higher youtube views than yours can really make you feel envious. You might probably think that there could be a trick or secrets of how to instantly increase your views on your YouTube video? If you desire to get those millions and billions of views then below are the top secrets of increasing your YouTube views:

youtube how to tag

    1. Create a title to your video that makes it different from the rest. A title that can really stick to the minds of the viewers.

youtube video transcript

  • Have some transcript to your videos. Even if the voice of your videos are clear, still there are people wanting to read those transcripts.

youtube annotations

  • Put in some annotations. These are pop-out screens during videos. This will encourage viewers to visit your other videos. This will lead more and more viewers to your channel.


  • Have a playlist on your youtube video list. This will encourage viewers to stay longer in your channel and let them see the different kinds of videos in your playlist. It also is beneficial for viewers in clicking to other videos since everything is already in your playlist.


  • Build a great content. Make your content short and straight to the point. A content that is unique and can really stand out from the usual playlist of other videos.


  • Buy views. Buying views from different youtube service providers such as can increase your views on your YouTube video in an instant. You will really get likes, dislike, and comments on this. Just make sure you get more likes and more positive comments.


  • You can take part of the viewer’s comments. For this to happen, make yourself consistently present anytime of the day. This will make viewers feel that they are important and that you take time to be with them.


You will definitely see changes in your own YouTube channel if you follow these 7 secrets of increasing your YouTube views. These can really boost your views and make you an instant YouTube celebrity as well. This secret is definitely worth the share.


Increased targeted youtube views

The advancement in our technology really has bought several changes by the way we take a look at every single thing that involves the use of the internet. Through online navigation, you can clearly notice how people become instant rich and famous by just simply uploading their pictures, creating blogs about travel and leisure and through creating videos to be uploaded into most visited sites such as YouTube. This may sound plain and simple but do you know that this involves a lot of challenges which also includes money?

In the online industry, specifically in uploading videos, you have to expect that there are other individuals who also have created the same theme of video as yours with the same keywords to look for. This is a very big challenge that we should learn to accept and dare. Thus, Increased targeted YouTube views should be our main target and concern.

In the vast array of things that we can do online, it is quite a challenge to compete with others in gaining the taste and views of the viewers just to have an increased targeted youtube views. If this is the case, it would be best and ideal to make a subscription with a legit company that offers increase in the view of your videos. You have to make sure that the said company has at least money back and satisfaction guarantee for us to be at ease that whatever happens, if it does not work, we can easily get out money back. A little bit of background investigation of how genuine the site is would be the best thing to do beforehand. Also, it would be ideal if the said company incorporated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) towards the promotion of your videos to make sure that it comes with the highest quality possible.

Even if you are to consider the fact that there are also lots of individuals who have uploaded a video that comes with the same theme as yours, YouTube have millions and billions of subscribers for you to rely on. With this, you can still stick to the faith of earning more views each day but your desired numbers might not be attained easily and immediately. That is why people would opt to go for buying views or to subscribe to companies that offer legit views for them to also not be suspended on YouTube. Definitely once you will also make a subscription, an increased targeted YouTube views will surely be all yours completely without any hassle.